Gerhard Pfeifer (left) and his wife Angela at the honouring ceremony performed by the Lord Mayor, Dr Ivo Holzinger (photo: Alexandra Wehr/press office of the city of Memmingen)

Seal of the city of Memmingen with the inscription: "Gerhard Pfeifer. For services to the city of Memmingen. 20 March 2015" (photo: Alexandra Wehr/press office of the city of Memmingen)

Town of Memmingen awards Gerhard Pfeifer the Seal of the Town

Gerhard Pfeifer, president of the PFEIFER Group, was awarded the seal of his home city of Memmingen on his 60th birthday "for his valuable contribution to industry and his multifaceted commitment to the city of Memmingen".

"The Pfeifer family and company have made a major contribution to the blossoming and prosperity of the town", said the Lord Mayor Dr. Ivo Holzinger at the ceremonial presentation of the highest business award of the town of Memmingen. In his laudation, the Lord Mayor declared that he had experienced Gerhard Pfeifer in many discussions over the past decades as a knowledgeable partner in the town development. He looked back on the history of the company, which has been present in Memmingen for over 430 years in the form of the Pfeifer ropery and has undergone an impressive development into a globally active company under the leadership of Gerhard Pfeifer. Holzinger underlined Pfeifer's outstanding qualities as a prudential and forward-thinking entrepreneur and honoured his estimable commitment to the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More at Information from Memmingen Town Hall

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